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  1. 1992-1996 (4th Gen) JDM Headlight Conversion
  2. 1992-1996 (4th Gen) Black housing headlights
  3. 1992-1996 (4th Gen) Cup-Holder Fix
  4. H22a Valve Adjustment
  5. 1997-2001 5th Gen Engine Start button Install
  6. 1992-1996 (4th gen) Prelude 7.2 in dash LCD screen
  7. 1997-2001 (5th Gen) H3c To H3 Conversion For JDM Fogs
  8. 1992-1996 (4th Gen) Antenna Mast Replacement
  9. 1997-2001 (5th Gen) JDM Fog Light Installation
  10. 1997-2001 (5th Gen) Squeaky Seat Belt Assembly Fix
  11. 1992-2001: Diagnosting Timing Belt / Ignitor
  12. 1992-1996 (4th Gen) Volt Gauge Install
  13. 1992-1996 (4th Gen) Basslink Install
  14. 1992-1996 Prelude (4th gen) JDM rear console install
  15. H22A4 to JDM H22A Swap Notes v2
  16. [4th Gen] Rear Quarter Window Restoration
  17. [4th Gen] Exhaust upgrade
  18. [3rd Gen] Changing the Fuel Filter on Your 3rd Gen
  19. [3rd Gen] 2.25 Inch Exhaust.
  20. [3rd Gen] Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Install
  21. [3rd Gen] Rear Sway Bar Install
  22. [3rd Gen] Clear Side Indicators On The 3rd Gen.
  23. [3rd Gen] Replacing Front Sway Bar End Link Bushes.
  24. [4th Gen] Ignition Switch Replacement Guide
  25. [3rd Gen] Installing Whiteline Rear Sway Bar.
  26. [3rd Gen] Sound Deadening Your Boot Floor.
  27. [4th Gen] JDM One Piece Headlight Replacement Guide
  28. [4th Gen] Replacing Master Cylinder (inc. bleeding)
  29. Write Up - Installed X Force Header for H22A
  30. Write Up - Tanabe Sustec Pro SS Install
  31. [4th Gen] Tanabe Pro SS Coilover install
  32. H22A Auto Tensioner to Manual Tensioner Writeup
  33. Free H22A Mods, worth it?
  34. [4th Gen] - How to adjust headlights
  35. [All gens] - Installing Neons
  36. [5th Gen] - OEM kit install information
  37. Pvc Cai - Diy
  38. [All gens] - Painting Rocker cover
  39. Installing Undercar LED's
  40. Write-Up: Sleepy/Lazy Headlights
  41. Projector / HID headlight upgrade
  42. Clear Corners, Aussie products version
  43. Write up: Blue Backlight for Gauges
  44. Extract CEL codes
  45. ECU - CEL - OBD1 - Code Checking
  46. [All Gens] Shaving Tail Light Lettering
  47. How to paint your calipers and change your pads
  48. 4ws ecu repair
  49. 4th Gen CF Sunroof groupbuy review
  50. 1997-2001 Prelude Check engine codes
  51. [5th GEN] Got a Yellow Check Engine Light?
  52. Painting Gauge Rings
  53. Yellow JDM Foglights
  54. Installing gas struts to boot hinges
  55. K-Boogie kustom foglights...56k, put out the dog, feed the cat, and brush ur teeth.
  56. Rear Strut Bar Install
  57. Cold Air Intake(Simple) - Write Up!!
  58. D.I.Y 4thGen extra parkers/indicators
  59. Accord Alternator Swap - writeup
  60. Flip Flop Boot
  61. Preludepower.com FAQ for the 3g
  62. The Engine Conversion Thread. 4th gen F22 to H22.
  63. eBay HID Conversion Kit Review
  64. Removing/Installing new springs - MANY pics!
  65. [3rd Gen] Heavy Duty Endlink Upgrade
  66. How to make a false floor boot setup
  67. [3rd gen] Timing Belt Installation
  68. quick writeup: ebay projector cutoff shield
  69. [3rd gen] Drive shaft removal
  70. 3rd gen sunroof
  71. Custom Eyelids
  72. sunroof cables
  73. Diy Front Lip!!!!
  74. DIY Anodising (No pics)
  75. Fiberglassing 101
  76. DIY Metal Polishing
  77. [4th Gen] Adjusting Idle Speed
  78. [4th Gen] Horn Buttons/Steering Wheel
  79. [4th Gen] Complete Moonroof Conversion
  80. [3rd gen] Shifter change over
  81. delaminating headlights fix
  82. Write-up: Changing Spark plugs 101
  83. DIY: Cheap custom Floormats
  84. DIY Imobiliser
  85. Spoiler and Window Brake Lights Working Together
  86. Write-up Index - Quick Reference guide
  87. Si Speed's Guide To Wheel Curb Rash Repair
  88. 5th Gen JDM Cup Holder Install
  89. Si Speed's Guide to Wheel Painting
  90. DIY - Paint your badges
  91. Vtec Yo Light install
  92. [H22A] Component Picture Thread
  93. [4th Gen] Removing dash components and changing globes
  94. Short Ram/CAI 50/50
  95. 5th Gen - replacing door mouldings, VTiR decal
  96. DIY: Fast to slow turn signals 5thgen
  97. Seal Replacements for Common Oil Leaks
  98. 1997-2001 Prelude How-to Full Inspection & Tune-up
  99. [4th gen] EL Gauge Conversion
  100. Write Up: 5th Gen Door trims and speaker removal.
  101. Write Up: 5th Gen Rear Speaker Removal
  102. 3rd gen S2 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) replacement
  103. Engine Noise Guide
  104. Windscreen removal
  105. Door Trim Fabric Upgrade!!!! write up [sry 56k]
  106. Repair / Replace auto aerial
  107. 3rd Gen Auto Short Shifter
  108. [DIY] Wet Floor Leak Fix
  109. DIY - Tweeter pods
  110. car audio tuning
  111. Sound deadener cover. Thanks to xmkydx.
  112. FS : 4th gen fog light install
  113. accord rear lip install on 4th gen prelude pics inside!
  114. DIY projector on 4th gen
  115. 5th gen, changing clock colour - SIMPLE!
  116. 3g Power Steering Relocation
  117. Heatshield Polishing
  118. Repairing Side Skirt
  119. 4th gen short shifter install
  120. Changing your Gear Shift Boot in a 5th Gen Prelude
  121. DIY: Calibrating the Voltage on the TPS (OzHonda)
  122. 3rd Gen oil seals
  123. 3 wire o2 sensor
  124. D.I.Y Paint jobs.
  125. Painting your callipers red (gaining 25kw)
  126. Honda Vtec light Writeup
  127. Honda Dashboard Vtec light Writeup
  128. Fiberglass molding
  129. 2 prong flasher conversion
  130. EK civic, clear side indicator on 3 gen
  131. VTEC Instrument Cluster Lighting Mod
  132. [3rd Gen] Trunk lid adjustment and how to put the brackets with torsion bars back
  133. 3g Custom tail lights
  134. How to install an Aftermarket Gear Knob in a 5th Gen
  135. [3rd gen or general] Easy mode quick heatsheild painting. No tools needed
  136. How to adjust the TPS
  137. Subaru Impreza WRX ’99 Sideskirts in 3rd Gen Prelude
  138. 4th Gen JDM Digital Climate Control Conversion
  139. Valve Regrind
  140. Found cup holder bother your gear shifting? Daihatsu halp you!
  141. Auto to Manual Swap
  142. Drive Shaft Replacement
  143. Electric-hydraulic power steering pump conversion