The 'Search' function is one of THE most important features within any Forum environment. There are two options in the search - basic and advanced search:

* The basic search will rummage through every thread within the community for the keyword you typed in.

* The advanced search on the other hand allows you to select whether to search via keywords or for a specific members posts. Also within the Advanced search you are able to search specific subforums [ie. Technical 3rd Generation, Technical 4th Generation, etc] which is extremely useful if you are in dire need for advice on a certain model of Prelude.

Please Note:

The search function is highly regarded by all members of any Forum as it allows the Administration staff to keep track of posts and also it stops people from cluttering up the community with the same questions constantly. It is well advised to search on any topic before creating new a thread as:

A. you'll have the answer you wanted faster and

B. it will save a lot of bother for the Moderation staff as well as the Administration staff.